The Healthy Heart Concierge Prevention Program is an affordable way for those concerned about their health to prevent heart attack and stroke. For $50 / month (or a one time fee of $500 / year), Concierge Service includes:
  • FRS + Lifetime Risk Assessment – this includes calculation of your lifetime risk for heart attack stroke, diabetes (based on a risk-focused history, physical examination, laboratory evaluation*, and an assessment for sub-clinical atherosclerosis.) (more on FRS+ Lifetime Risk Assessment)
  • At least 4 visits a year to first identify risk, then lower your risk
  • Arterial Age Testing (CIMT) included (more on arterial age testing).
  • Direct access to Dr. Khurana
*Prevention evaluation does not include laboratory testing, which may be covered by your insurance. The necessary blood tests may be ordered by your family doctor, or we will be happy to order the test prior to your visit.
  • Overweight
  • Borderline high blood pressure or are at risk for diabetes
  • Current smoker or previous history of smoking
  • A family history of premature heart disease (with the onset occuring 55 or younger in males and 65 or younger in females)
  • A sibling with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) - blocked arteries, history of heart attack, bypass surgery, or stenting
  • Family history of strokes
  • Physical inactivity
  • If your spouse has heart disease (since risk factors tend to cluster in families)
  • You are concerned about your future heart disease risk
Please call Dr. Khurana's staff at 616-780-7015 to schedule your visit, or click here to request an appointment via our website.
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