In his 10+ years practicing Interventional Cardiology Dr Khurana has witnessed remarkable change in the field. Today, like never before, it is possible to prevent heart attacks and stroke. However, determining who is at highest risk is the cornerstone to saving lives. After detection of risk, appropriate intervention is key. So, in order to prevent, you have to start early enough: before an event.

Our goal in prevention is to uncover hidden cardiovascular (CV) risk and help lower it using a combination approach directed at diet, lifestyle and when appropriate, medicines. At Healthy Heart Cardiology, we are passionate about translating the newest research into practice for better patient outcomes. Towards this end Dr Khurana has acquired new expertise in lipidology and currently is the only cardiologist in the Grand Rapids area who is board certified in Clinical Lipidology. As of 2008, we are also the only practice offering carotid intima media thickness (CIMT) evaluation that is an index of risk that allows measurement of arterial age and helps determine lifetime CV risk (more on arterial health and age).

Some of what is new is quite fascinating and unexpected: e.g., the link between eating dark chocolate and lowering of CV risk (and also lowering blood pressure); and also the link between low levels of Vitamin D and heart disease (if you live North of 35 degrees N, i.e., Atlanta, between November and February, there is not enough sunlight to produce any Vitamin D in the body, and Vitamin D deficiency may be more common than previously thought); also, eating mixed nuts (tree-nuts like, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews) may be actually good for CV health; furthermore, not all fish is equally heart healthy (Tuna, Salmon, Herring, Anchovies are best, while Tilapia, may not be!) etc. For additional heart healthy lifestyle information, visit the "What’s Doc Reading" section of the Healthy Heart website by clicking here.
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