We are pleased to offer the HeathyHeart FRS + Lifetime Risk Assessment. This advanced tool for the prevention of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes includes all of the services offered in our regular Advanced Cardiovascular Risk Assessment. Our FRS + assessment goes beyond the standard Framingham Risk Assessment, which may underestimate risk especially in women and those with siblings with a history of heart disease. We will give a copy of your comprehensive risk assessment report to both you and your family doctor.

  • Overweight
  • Borderline high blood pressure or are at risk for diabetes
  • Current smoker or previous history of smoking
  • A family history of premature heart disease (with the onset occuring 55 or younger in males and 65 or younger in females)
  • A sibling with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) - blocked arteries, history of heart attack, bypass surgery, or stenting
  • Family history of strokes
  • Physical inactivity
  • If your spouse has heart disease (since risk factors tend to cluster in families)
  • You are concerned about your future heart disease risk
  • Thorough Advanced Risk Assessment
  • CIMT (Arterial Age) Clinical evaluation
  • Blood Pressure and Waist Circumference ( we will be happy to measure this for you as part of your consultation)

All aspects of the Lifetime Risk Assessment + are currently not covered by most insurance plans as it is considered screening.

Prior to your visit, we will need recent results of the following tests: a Complete Cholesterol Profile (Fasting Lipid Profile), Fasting Blood Sugar, Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) - a measure of kidney function, and hS-CRP (High Sensitivity Reactive Protein). If you do not have recent labs, we will be happy to order these in conjunction with the visit, or you can request them from your family doctor. In addition, we will be happy to send the results of the assessment directly to your primary care physician.

Please call Dr. Khurana's staff at 616-780-7015 to schedule your visit, or click here to request an appointment via our website.
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